Micro-Greens by MI-Grow

Grown with Organic materials, Sustainable, fresh, and local

Micro-Greens by MI-Grow Greens are grown with all-Organic materials and is an all-Natural Super food. From substrate to seed, we strive to source the best products available. We produce unique flavor profiles and powerful nutrition. In fact out products can contain up to 40 times the vitamins and minerals as their full-grown counterpart. That isn’t micro it’s MI-Grow!

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Grown indoors, with all organic certified seed, nutrients, and substrate.

Simply Better!

What are MI-Grows?

MI-Grows are plants harvested in the stage of optimal nutrition and taste. They are packed with up to 9 times the nutrition and up to 40 times the vitamins and minerals as their full grown counterparts.

MI-Grows can come in many forms such as Broccoli, Tuscan Kale, Arugula and even Amaranth. If grown to full size, it can take many times the amount to achieve the same level of health benefits. MI-Grows make it an easy and convenient way to increase nutrition. Added to any salad/meal at home or as an upgrade option allows you to create additional color, flavor and health benefits.

MI-Grows are offered same or next day as harvest on pre-orders. So you can rest assured you are receiving the best in fresh quality as opposed to products that loose freshness and value in the food chain.

What sets us apart?

MI-Grow uses the finest materials from Seed to Substrate. We source all organic certified products and nutrients. Our seeds are all Organic and GMO free. They are sourced from the same farm that MIT Agriculture uses in their experiments. They are some of the best in the world.

MI-Grows are never touched by chemicals or even human hands. They go from harvest, to container, to you.

MI-Grow process uses specialized lighting to provide the best sun-like spectrum at the peak of day 14-16 hours a day. This is just not achievable for greenhouse growers.

MI-Grows are grown using 90 minerals and vitamins were many producers only focus on 3 often resulting in a less nutritious and sub-par product. The only way to get many of the things we need is by allowing plants to make them bio-available or usable by us. MI-Grow fills this need.

MI-Grows are grown fully Sustainable and our process is almost completely renewable. Even our containers are made from plant based material and can be thrown into a composter to return to soil. Ask us how we plan to turn our compost into heat!!


Modern, Sustainable, Fully Organic Process and Seeds!


No Chemicals ever touch the product you eat. No pesticides, chemical based fertilizers, or even water once they are in the light. Just the roots and the chemical neutral substrate Coco Choir.

In fact nothing ever touches your product before you do except plastic and our cutting tools!

We use the purest all organic natural oxidizer for sterilization and anything that actually goes in with your product is UV sterilized. This insures that you receive you MI-Grows in the purest form possible!

Fresh & Healthy

The health benefits for consuming out product are nothing short of amazing! You can receive up to 40 times the vitamins and minerals and Up to 9 times the nutritional value of their full grown counterparts!

That is not all! Due to our extensive experimentation, we also have unlocked the secret to taking an already super food and making it even more healthy.

Most commercial growers only use 3 nutrients N,P, and K. They are missing about 87 others vital nutrients and minerals that we make available to our plants encouraging an entourage.

100% Organic Materials and process.

Many companies say they use 100% organic process but they OFTEN don't use 100% organic seeds! We hope to be Organic Certified in our new location next year, however from seed to substrate everything we use is organic certified! Substrate, Seed, Organic revitalizing nutrients for 90 of the elements needed on the periodic table.

Our process encourages an entourage effect for our plants, often creating a greater effect than the sum of their parts.

You may have heard people say were so Organic we should be called beyond Organic. That is us!

MI-Grow Superfoods

Eating our super foods may help with all of these things and more including powerful anti-cancer and chronic disease fighting properties! 

Check out Doctor approved articles such as found on  WebMD and Organic Websites. 

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